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Why spend your time at “networking” events where you are surrounded by people looking to sell you

their services? You’ll go home with a couple of business cards and handshakes, but what are the chances that you will have truly expanded your book of business and improved your bottom line?

That’s why we streamline the networking process by vetting all attendees beforehand. We only invite professionals with the same target market as you to join our events. This ensures that you will make quality connections, expand your network in the RIGHT way, and build a steady stream of ongoing referrals.

Join Us for Networking This Month!

Denver Networking Event

January 18th


3900 East Mexico Ave, Suite 910

Come meet and greet with people in the know. There will be great food, free drinks, and your ideal new referral partners, all at a great party thrown by Denver’s best financial, benefits, and insurance company.

Making connections is easy.


Making connections to the RIGHT people is hard.


Find out how our expert team can help you grow your center of influence.


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What is a center of influence and why is it so important to have one?

The term center of influence (COI) refers to a person that can boost your market access and credibility through referrals, testimonials, and word-of-mouth. These are people who are generally well established, are good networkers and are positioned to introduce you to your ideal client. Our events are specifically built for COIs who are B2B professionals, serving corporate or business clients with their services and products.

We’re different.

We know networking associations are a dime a dozen. Let us show you why COIN Denver is unlike any other networking association.


Got questions?

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequent and important questions to help you decide if one of our events is worth your time.


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Don’t be fooled by other networking groups

We are not another networking group with people from every industry, where no one is a relevant connection, 80% of people are trying to push their services on you, and the other 20% are looking for a job. Our events are built around connecting with professionals who have the same client base as you do. All attendees are professionals in B2B firms who provide commercial financing, commercial realtor, consulting, CPA / auditing, legal, and other services to front range businesses. All attendees are the people who spend their days speaking wih your target client. In sum, attendees are all centers of influence who are perfectly positioned to partner with you and send referrals your way.

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